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The Child Sponsorship program at CMCT provides over a 1000 of the poorest of the poor children a chance for a better life. With 4 different sponsorship partners (CMCT’s in house program; Child Development Centre IN.522 - a sponsorship program of Compassion International; Cedar Fund - a sponsorship program funded from Hong Kong; and Help the Children - a sponsorship program funded from the US) CMCT’s child sponsorship program is a commitment to the long term investment in a child’s life.

   Through the program each sponsored child is helped educationally, physically, socially, and spiritually.



Educationally: For most of the children school fees and other essentials like notebooks, textbooks, school bag, school uniforms etc. are fully paid for through the sponsorship program. We also organize after school tuitions for children who are weak in their studies and are unable to get the help they require from home. Some children who have dropped out of school are given vocational training that can later provide them gainful employment.


Physically: The children are given regular medical checkups throughout the year and free medical treatment if necessary. We teach them about hygiene and how to maintain personal health. For the physically weaker children we provide them with energy rich foods such as Boost or any other food supplements as required.


Socially: Children are taken out for recreation plus educational tours. This helps them to experience education outside the class room, broadening their knowledge and learning experience. Since the family background has much influence on the child, we conduct meetings for parents. Every month we counsel the parents and speak about parenting skills and child care.


Morally: Every Saturday we get to meet a particular group of children. Children receive regularmoral training and encouragement. Retreats and camps are also conducted.

Child Sponsorship is as much a rewarding experience for the sponsor as it is for the child. Many sponsors visit their children and CMCT arranges these visits to the children’s homes and sometimes their schools. The children are overjoyed to see their sponsors and it is always a very special time for the sponsors when they are able to meet and interact with their sponsored child. The children love knowing that there is an aunt, uncle or an entire family from over the seas who love and care for them – and CMCT is proud to be a part of this special relationship.

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