Thank you for all your help

I want to record my grateful thanks to many people who generously helped us to give relief to poverty stricken people during the worst flood situation we have experienced in Tamilnadu and especially Chennai at the beginning of this year.  I have been in India for 52 years and this is the worst I have ever experienced.  As we in Christian Missions Charitable Trust (CMCT), work amongst the poor through many of our Ministries and also many of our staff living in low lying areas, who literally lost everything, we had to take action and help them at their point of terrible need.  As we prayed and shared the situation and people became aware through the internet and Television, HELP STARTED COMING TO US TO HELP PROVIDE FOR THESE PEOPLE. 

Distribution of Household Materials by Dr. Colleen M Redit

Distribution of Relief Materials

All those living in low lying areas, their homes were inundated with water and people had to leave their homes and they witnessed all their household items floating away. Millions of people underwent terrible suffering due to no electricity, no provision of food, clothing or drinking water.  In many places, drinking water was contaminated with sewage water.  We are conducting several Soup Kitchens for slum people in different parts of the city and we saw so many of them with no proper shelter or food.  It was wonderful to see our staff join together and help us to provide relief, rehabilitation and to help people to be restored back to their normal life.  Through the generosity of people, we were able to provide food packets to severely affected people in the slums.  We were able to provide medical check-ups and medical kits.  We were able to provide study materials for school children who lost all their school items.  We prepared a KIT consisting of school bags and necessary stationeries to sponsored and non-sponsored children.  We also provided a new set of uniforms.  We were able to prepare Kits with bedding material, garments and kitchen vessels to over 2 thousand families.  To some, we did house repairs and to some staff who lost everything, we helped with electrical appliances by servicing Refrigerators, Washing Machines and Televisions.

I wish to record the commitment of the CMCT Management and co-operation of staff in rendering relief service to the flood affected people.  Without the help of staff, we would not have been able to do what we accomplished.  I can record many stories of the tragic situation by many families. 

Distribution of Food Packets at Kannigapuram Soup Kitchen

Medical Camp conducted at Harrington Road

Tragic Situations

I would like to record a few reports for you to have an idea of the tragic situation people went through.  There was a boy called Murugan.  He lives in the slum in Nungambakkam near to our building.  During the flood, his family went through a very difficult situation as water entered their house and all their belongings were washed away.  They stayed in a nearby school until the water receded.  The family totally lost hope – but CMCT has been a big blessing to them as we provided relief and basic needs to the family.  They had no money to buy anything and without the help of CMCT, they would not have been able to continue living.  We gave them hope for their future.  Another example is a lady who receives a meal in our Soup Kitchen.  She is 72 years of age.  Her name is Salath Mary.  She has two sons and a daughter.  Her younger son is mentally retarded and lived with her in a shed near to the Coovum river.  When the flood waters gushed through the Coovum River, the water ran over their shed washing away everything that was in the shed.  They were moved to a nearby school for a month.  Can you imagine having everything you possess washed away and when you return to where your home was, you find you have nothing!  They are so grateful to CMCT for the help rendered to them.

Ten days ago, I visited a Soup Kitchen near the Coovum River and one lady was sitting and crying.  When I asked why she was crying, I was told that she had a daughter who lived with her, but she was washed away in the flood.  Now she lives alone with nobody to help her.  We have in our Bethany Primary School a boy whose father was drowned in the Coovum River and his body was found hundreds of miles away near Nagapattinam South of India. 


Distribution of Relief Materials

Health check up conducted by the doctors

Following table shows the details of relief assistance rendered to different group of people affected in some way or the other by the floods. The number of people and the materials distributed to them are also mentioned in the below table.

Distribution of Bedding Materials by CMCT International President

Thank you for all your Wonderful Support

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