Leprosy Rehabilitation Ministry

Leprosy, a scourge on humanity has had a very strong stigma associated with it since time immemorial. Though no longer a virulent disease in India, it continues to marginalize and cruelly handicap the afflicted physically, emotionally, and financially. By virtue of association there is familial and social marginalization of children, parents and relatives as well. Their plight is to live as outcasts, in isolation, barred from integrating with the rest of society

In 2005, two people affected by leprosy, approached CMCT to receive free rations. Encouraged by CMCT’s generosity and compassion, the following week the whole village came to CMCT seeking help. Moved by compassion Dr. Colleen Redit visited the village to see the needs of the people. The visit resulted in CMCT adopting Alapakkam, a leprosy colony with about 105 leprosy affected families. Currently CMCT supports 60 affected families, 27 widows and 28 widowers. Social workers from CMCT visit the villagers and patients four times a week to continually assess their needs and oversee the smooth running of a number of services and rehabilitation programs provided through this project. These include                                                                                                                                                                                                            



CMCT also runs a Self Help Employment Scheme to train and employ family members of the leprosy patients. The Self Help Employment Scheme provides training in tailoring, embroidery, cross-stitch, and other handicrafts products, which are then sold through the handicraft department at CMCT. It is heartwarming to see a labour of love transform lives. Two such success stories are those of K. Suresh and S. Ruben two children sponsored by CMCT who have gone on to complete their Bachelor of Arts (BA), in Economics and Bachelor of Science (BSc), in Computer Science. Both successfully employed outside the colony are now financially independent.

For More Details Contact :

Dr.Colleen.M.Redit : +91 9841034566
M.M.Philip : +91 9840075824


                       Regular monthly ration distribution for those who otherwise would be begging on the streets.

                       A daily soup kitchen, which serves a hot meal for those who are deformed and crippled.

                       Home visits to enquire about the family, counselling, emotional and spiritual support.

                       Regular medical and dental camps for bandaging of wounds and other general aliments

                       Wheelchair distribution for those who cannot walk.

                                 Child sponsorship for about 25 children, which includes school fees, school books, uniforms,            

             after school tuitions.

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