Hostel and Orphanage

Started by Dr. Colleen in the early 1970s, the Orphanage and Hostel for Women and Children is the flagship ministry of what would later become the Christian Missions Charitable Trust. Started with just a handful of girls the Orphanage and Hostel has grown to house over 300 young women and children. Housed on the 4th floor of CMCT’s main building the hostel provides a home and safe haven for many girls who come from deep poverty - who are either orphans, have been abandoned by their family, or who have come to the city looking for work in CMCT’s Handicraft Centre. Many of the girls come from interior villages, are uneducated and the hostel provides them with a safe refuge.

Along with the hostel is the orphanage where approximately 150 children live, ranging in age from as young as 3 years to approximately 20 years. Every child that is taken into the orphanage is provided with an excellent education and all round holistic development. To this end the children are admitted into good schools and provided with every opportunity for all-round holistic development. We provide nourishing meals and all the children receive medical care through our hospital. The children are well looked after by dedicated house mothers and a buddy system with some of the older children and hostel residents acting as ‘big sisters’ for the younger children. All the children are encouraged to graduate from High School and go on for higher education based on their academic achievements and interest. Our desire is to see the children educated and trained, so that they can stand on their own two feet in the future.

Today we are proud that many of our girls have completed their Nursing, some are Physiotherapists, some Lab Technicians and Pharmacist, and one is a Doctor. Many have gone on to become school teachers or have completed secretarial courses. Because of the invest we make in their lives the girls come back to CMCT and work with use for 2 to 3 years as a way of passing on the blessing they have received to others. After this they are free to leave and get married with CMCT in many instances having found suitable boys for the girls and paid for wedding costs. Many of the girls however who are dedicated and want to give back to the organization come back to work for us.


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