Haven of Hope Handicraft Centre

The Haven of Hope Handicraft Centre equips women from poor, broken, or impoverished backgrounds, with valuable skills in the art of handicrafts. This centre trains women and older teenage girls in tailoring, embroidery, cross-stitch, patchwork, cutting, and in making jewelry, dolls and embroidered greeting cards. The women, many with a basic education, no prior experience and very little hope of financial stability, receive 18 months of in house training from experienced CMCT staff. Once successfully completed the women are fully equipped with the necessary skillset and experience to find employment in a variety of handicraft industries. Many of the ladies choose to continue as fulltime staff at the Handicraft department and are subsequently placed in a section of their choice or one that best suits their skills and abilities.

The women do excellent work producing a wide range of products - all of which are handmade from start to finish. Be it an embroidered table cloth, a cross-stitch hand towel, a baby set, or an Indian doll, each product is beautifully crafted to high quality standards before being distributed locally and internationally.

The department currently employs 120 trained women who are always kept busy meeting deadlines for orders. Orders are placed either through the CMCT website; the Handicraft catalogues published by CMCT; or by word of mouth. All proceeds generated through the distribution of handicrafts helps towards the salaries of the women and other CMCT ministries.

For More Details Contact :

Dr.Colleen.M.Redit : +91 9841034566
M.M.Philip : +91 9840075824

“I come from a very poor family. My father became very sick, lost his eyesight and with it his job. With 6 mouths to feed we were struggling financially. I was sitting at home struggling to find work when my sister-in-law brought me to CMCT. Hearing my circumstances they offered me a job at the Handicraft centre and a place to stay at the hostel. I am now able to financially contribute towards my family. Were there was no hope we can now look towards a better future” - Sumathi, 26, with CMCT since 2005.

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