Boys and Girls Rallies

Every Girl’s and Boy’s Rallies was started in 1967 in the city of Chennai to work among young boys and girls from underprivileged backgrounds. Similar in concept to Girl Guides and Boys Scouts, the rallies endeavor to instill good moral and ethical values, and social skill in the participating children. It also lays a solid  emotional foundation for the children with the aim to build responsible members and good future citizens and of this country.

The rallies are held twice a month in 32 different locations throughout the city of Chennai. Children aged 8 to 18 from underprivileged backgrounds are invited to participate in these program. The participants are taught different vocational skills such as making badges, flower vases, and photo frames; good hygiene skills; and socially acceptable behavioral skills – through a variety of fun activities that encourages and promotes the holistic development of the child.

Once a year, the Every Girl’s and Boy’s rally culminates in an annual Rally Summer Camp held at the Mt Carmel campsite in Paddappi. With a different life theme every year these camps are very popular with a large number of participants from the different rally areas, sponsor children, and staff children, attending. Speakers from different parts of the world hold four to five days sessions providing transforming messages, choreographic, action songs, skits, study groups, workshops, and indoor and outdoor games. Hugely popular with the participants, the attendees joyfully take part in all the activities of the camp and encourage one another in a display of sportsmanship and wholesome rivalry. The children are provided with delicious snacks and meals and every effort is made to make their stay comfortable and pleasant. For the participating children this is a much awaited event and the children always leave the camp rejuvenated, inspired and has had the time of their lives.

Though the cost of the camp is approximately Rs 100 per child any child unable to afford the fees is admitted for free. Wholly supported by donations from generous sponsors this event is a highlight of CMCT’s mission and work.

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