Chinnakuppam Development

On December 26, 2004 an enormous wall of water approx 40-50ft high came roaring down the dirt lanes of the fishing hamlet of Chinnakuppam, taking with it homes, belongings, boats, and lives. Completely devastated, this fishing hamlet approximately 80 kms from Chennai city on the East coast of the Bay of Bengal was adopted by CMCT for disaster relief. As an immediate effort, CMCT provided the fishermen with boats, fishing nets and other essentials to enable them to get back on their feet. CMCT then undertook the enormous task of building homes for each of the families affected. Over a period of 6 years CMCT built concrete roofed single bedroom house for the 140 families in this village. Today, life in this village has returned to normal and the fishermen are once again able to provide for their families. Many of the villagers have gone on to extend and expand their homes and the pride they have in their homes is undeniable.

Hoping to educate and develop the community further, CMCT has also built a Welfare Centre, a Community Hall, a Medical & Dental centre, a crèche, a sewing centre and two community toilet blocks for the use of the village. The sewing centre provides training for the village women and young girls and the crèche provides a safe and caring environment for the women to leave their children when they go for work. CMCT also conducts regular medical, dental, and eye camps at the village. CMCT’s sponsorship programme supports 140 children from the village for their school and college education while also providing evening tuitions free of cost.

CMCT’s social workers visit the village three times a week and offer family, health, and hygiene counselling, provide monthly rations and hold regular meetings for the women and men.

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